3D Photography

Create 3D product views with hemispherical and full spherical output. From fully automated to semi-automated system, all solutions integrate with software that provides optimum workflows. Create interactive 3D product views in HTML5.

PackshotCreator offers a wide range of 3D photography equipment for efficiently creating 3D product views in hemi-spherical and full spherical formats.

Each solution controls the important variables for making 3D product photography a success. Integrated software automates image capture from up to five Canon cameras simultaneously, to ensure the fastest workflow possible. TruView 3D stitching software creates interactive 3D product views in HTML5 that feature deep zoom, image tags, audio, and hyperlinking to communicate value.

3D product photography examples

Below highlights 3D product photography examples created using Ortery’s line of 3D MultiArm, 3D PhotoArm and Photosimile 5000 3D product photography equipment. Individual frames have been composed using TruView 3D software (included with 3D equipment). TruView animations support multiple features including Click and Drag Mouse Control, Deep Zoom, Image Tagging, Hyperlink, Audio, Dynamic Resizing and a Customizeable Interface. TruView outputs 3D product views in HTML5 format.

3D Photography Benefits

Do It Yourself

Straight forward software workflow enables any employee to create hemispherical and spherical product view

Fast and Efficient

Capture and Compose Web-ready 3D product views in just minutes.

Reality Check

A 3D product view with deep zoom is almost like holding the product in your hand.


Each 3D system can also create professional still, 360 product views and videos. One-time purchase solves the question of product photography for years to come


Capture and export individual frames (JPG/PNG/RAW) and/or compose them into 360 and 3D product views

Attractive Product Display

Interactive 360 / 3D product views and videos allow businesses to communicate more effectively and increase conversion rates when selling online.