360° Product Photography

PackshotCreator’s industry leading 360° product photography turntables and studios for creating 360 product views in-house, fast and efficiently. All solutions include software that allows users to control image capture, processing and 360 product views in a single workflow.

PackshotCrators’s 360° product photography turntables and 360 photography studios make creating interactive, 360-degree product views fast and efficient.

Each solution includes software to streamline and automate image capture, processing and stitching into a single workflow, when using a compatible camera. Automatically capture 360 video or up to 360 individual frames per rotation. Turntable movement and picture taking are synchronized. Individual images can be immediately exported or edited and composed into various 360 product views featuring zoom, click-and-drag motion control and more.

Take Every Product Shot with a Pure White Background

Imagine being able to take product shots and 360 degree product views on a pure white background with little to no editing. How much time would that save you and your staff? Since Amazon required product shots on pure white, our systems have been in high demand. Their ability to efficiently create “Amazon-eligible” images allow companies to take the pictures they need and be more productive.

Take Product Shots on a Pure White Background

We’ve made it simple. The lighting design and lighting control inside many of Ortery’s product photography studios allow users to quickly achieve photography results on pure white. In fact, before a picture is taken the user already knows whether it will be on a pure white background or not. Ortery studios capture images on pure white from both the top and side views giving the user maximum flexibility.

360° product photography examples

The 360 product photography examples below were created using Ortery’s PhotoCapture line of 360 photography turntables or the PhotoBench line of 360 photography studios. TruView 360 is an optional upgrade with advanced stitching features including deep zoom, image tagging, hyperlinks and more. All 360 product photography examples below are in HTML5 format and play on all devices.

360 Photography Benefits

Do It Yourself

Straight forward software workflow enables any employee to create 360 product views

Fast and Efficient

Capture and compose web-ready 360 product views in just minutes


One time purchase allows infinite 360 product image creation


Capture individual frames and compose them into 360-degree product views or use the HD pictures elsewhere

Attractive Product Display

Interactive 360 product views and videos allow businesses to communicate more effectively and increase conversion rates when selling online.